Monday, June 30, 2008

Baron Opts Out: What Now?

To the surprise of everyone who follows the NBA, Baron Davis is walking away from $17.8 million in hopes of netting a long term term contract. The should be all-star PG is obviously trying to cash in on playing 82 games. The first time he has done so since the 01-02 season. He realizes the chance of him repeating this feat is slim. For that reason coupled with him posting all-star numbers, he opted out.
Baron, along with agent Todd Ramasar, realized the market wasn't in their favor. However, they found out that their was a team which Baron would not mind playing for who could give Baron what he wants: The Clippers. Whether those conversations were within NBA rules is a story for another day.
So now Baron has a suitor, what is Mullin to do? He can sign him, trade him or allow him to leave without receiving anything in return. If the decision was mine I would choose to trade the disgruntled former employee. My first choice would be to seek a double sign-and-trade with the Clippers for Elton Brand. Though, I believe the Clippers would prefer to sign both Brand and Davis (something which the Clippers are capable of doing). Therefore, I propose the Warriors engage in a three-team deal involving the Nuggets and Pistons. The Warriors give the Nuggets that PG would they have desperately coveted the past few years in return for Carmelo Anthony. The Warriors then send Anthony along with others (most likely including Al Harrington) to the Pistons for Rasheed Wallace and Chauncey Billups. The Warriors may also just decide to plan for the future and keep Anthony, deferring the next few seasons to the Lakers and Spurs. This actually is not a bad idea. A team with a nucleus of Ellis, Anthony, Wright, Randolph and Biedrins sounds mighty tempting. But I see the Mullin preferring to contend now while the Blazers aren't dominating the West and choosing to pursue Billups and Wallace.
While all these trade options sound great, unfortunately for the Warriors, Baron is an unrestricted free-agent, meaning the ball is in his court. Warriors' fans, prepare yourselves for a very interesting next few weeks.

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